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What is VXN?

VXN Workout (formerly known as Vixen Workout) is a Dance Fitness brand focused on improving the physical & mental wellness of women. Our classes recreate the live stage experience by incorporating trending choreography, musical remixes, and atmosphere lighting. As a result, participants are able to feel like performers. The class experience promotes Mind-Body connection, emotional release, and community in addition to physical fitness.



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correct The vision and values of VXN

correct The physical and mental benefits of dance

correct Technique and choreography

correct The science behind how people learn movement

correct Your role as an instructor

correct How to develop community

correct How to expand your communities knowledge of movement, choreography, and instructorship

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Your VXN online certification includes:


Access to premium education content


Tools to start teaching and grow your business


A Master Trainer by your side


Your VXN Instructor License*

* License approval is based on the approval of your video submissions.

$299 $199

Why Certified Instructors Love VXN


Frequently Asked Questions

Any woman 18 years or older may complete our VXN Instructor Certification. There are no prerequisites for taking the VXN Instructor Certification. However, it helps if you’ve already taken a VXN class before or if you have previous experience in dance or teaching group exercise classes. If you’d like to gain some experience and get a feel for a VXN class, check out some on-demand classes by subscribing to our VXN Virtual Studio

No worries, many of our successful VXN Instructors were former clients who did not have any teaching or dance experience. We only need to see that you have the potential to recreate the VXN class experience.

The Online Certification begins on July 1st in English and on July 15th in Spanish. Online Certifications will be hosted the 1st & 15th of each month.

You will have 14 days to complete your Online Certification Program. You can login during that time period and work on the course at your own pace.

An open space to dance and an internet connection.

No, not everyone that signs up will automatically receive a certification. At the end of the course, you submit your videos for review by a Master Trainer. Master Trainers ensure that new Instructors have the potential to execute the VXN moves clearly and represent the brand effectively in their location. This ensures that customers have the same VXN experience anywhere the class is taken. Notice of passing is given within 48hrs after submission.

If you didn’t pass on your first try, don’t worry. You receive a “pass pending” status and notes from your Master Trainer on what to work on for resubmission. You have 30 days to resubmit for approval.

No, our fee covers your access to our training materials and support from a Master Trainer.

If you are unable to attend the registered online certification course date, you can do a one (1x) time transfer to another online certification course date.

You can teach anywhere worldwide, outside of Miami Dade County. The only area with restrictions is Miami Dade County at this time.

In order to hold an active VXN Instructor License, your active membership to the BASE (Instructor Portal) is required at $29.99 a month. In the event you need to freeze your BASE membership, you can do so for 3 months. Your certification becomes inactive beyond the 3 month grace period. Instructors with inactive BASE memberships also lose the privilege of teaching a VXN Class. Your active Base membership ensures that the VXN experience is perpetuated in all areas with the same level of excellence; this is a company priority. A BASE membership also supports a high level of expertise and proficiency, and ensures that our VXN certified instructors are the best trained in the industry. As with any reputable occupation, a professional is expected to keep up-to-date with industry knowledge and skills and the BASE provides both so that you are successful at representing the brand to the best of your ability.

Send us an email -, we’d love to hear from you.

Inactive for less than 6 months: Send an email to to request reinstatement and pay the $29.99 BASE fee to reactivate your license. Inactive for more than 6 months: Send an email to with your interest to reactivate your license so we can help you. It is our mission to spread the VXN brand to every corner of the world and YOU are how that happens.

After completing the VXN Online Certification Course, you can begin teaching whenever you feel comfortable and ready with the VXN choreography and hosting a class. Every instructor is an independent contractor, which gives you the freedom to set your own schedule, rates, terms, agreements, etc. at any facility you choose. Some fitness facilities require that instructors have a general group exercise certification. The VXN Certification is considered a specialty certificate, just like pilates or yoga. Ask your local fitness facility what their requirements are in order for you to teach at their facility.

You’ll unlock a short-term license to live-stream VXN classes online from the comfort of your own home. Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, you can begin teaching physical VXN classes anywhere in your region, excluding Miami-Dade County.